Thursday, June 11, 2009

Any Excuse to Play With Friends!

A few weeks ago one of my Mommy Blogger friends, Amy, asked if I could do a review on Party Art. I checked out the website and said, OMG, this is soooo for me!!! I love having get togethers with friends and this was a great reason to do one!! Make sure to check out my review here.
And while the get together was wonderful and I had so much fun with my friends and Allie had so much fun with her friends, I realized how lucky Allie and I are to have so many wonderful people in our little circle of life.
One of the Moms said to me at some point during the party that she was envious at how easy it was for me to send an email out and get 16 people over to my house fairly quickly and with ease. She said that neither she nor her daughter really ever did much outside of their family and a few close friends. And while this little girl is a good buddy of Allie's and they get together for playdates, her Mom said to me that her daughter never really asks for playdates and she never thinks of setting them up, but when she comes to get togethers at our house, she and her daughter always love them and have a wonderful time.
That made me think about how fortunate Allie and I are to have cultivated such a rich, varied and wonderful group of friends.
I also realized that some people only need those few good friends and are not "the more the merrier" kind of people. Some people always need to be in the midst of lots of people. Allie and I both fall kind of in the middle - we have are close friends that we hold dear to our hearts, but we also have lots of friends and acquaintances and we love any reason to get together with people.
And on this wonderful Sunday where we got together with some of our Mommy/Daughter friends, I realized how that was just absolutely one of my most favorite kinds of days. Painting, eating, swimming, chatting, giggling and playing with Moms and Daughters and then ending the day with a fabulous Steak dinner with Daddy and Aunt Sue. . .
A day of food, fun, friends and family. . .and some chocolate thrown in too. My kind of heaven!

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Kelly D said...

I have a few really good friends; however, their kids are all older than mine so we don't get together very often. I've been working on building new friendships because I miss having women to hang out with. This sounds like a great way to get some people together and have fun!

Mommy Meryl said...

Kelly - good to hear from you!! I'm glad you are working on connecting with some new friends. . .there were 2 points in my life where I realized just have valuable female friends where. After I got married and when I was pregnant - as great as my hubby is, sometimes you just need your girlfriends. Besides, even as Allie is almost in 2nd grade and most playdates are without mommies now - its still super fun to me to hang out with the moms as kids are playing!!