Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Trying to Let It Go Tuesday

Trying to let it go on Tuesday!

This Tuesday, Mommy Meryl is Trying to Let Go of. . .

1. That men are wonderful, but they are not your girlfriends. . .why is it that they always want to problem solve?

2. The the grocery stores never have enough red horseradish. . .when you need it.

This Meme will be every Tuesday and the idea behind it is to share with other Mommies what you need/want to "Try and Let Go" and perhaps you might be looking for some advice/comments from other Mommies who have gone or are going through the same thing! And please know other Mommies would love for you to share your words of wisdom with them as who "gets it" better than other Mommies?

If you want to play, every Tuesday, you post one or two or three (or however many "things" are eating at you) "things" that you are "trying to let go" of. How often as Moms do we get frustrated over things that we can't change or for one reason or another, aren't going to change. Quite often - and maybe more than we would like to admit! And how often do you say to your self, or one of your Mommy friends to just "let it go?". I know I do it alot.

So, here it is fellow Mommies - Tuesday is our Trying to Let it Go Day!! We make no promises here - only heartfelt attempts and most of all, validation that you get it!

If you too want to join in our Trying to Let It Go Tuesday, you can fill in the Mr. Linky below. . in line one give us your name and in the 2nd space, please give us the URL of your post, not just your home page URL, but the URL of your "Trying to Let It Go on Tuesday" post!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tomorrow is Trying to Let It Go on Tuesday!

Remember, tomorrow is Trying to Let It Go on Tuesday - would love it if you joined me!

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Family Movie Night

About once a month, Friday Night is Family Movie Night. It is pretty simple. . .Allie picks a movie, Allie picks the necessary junk food that we will all share during the movie and Allie insists that all the lights are turned out - so she can feel like she is in a real movie theatre (even though we can pause it for a bathroom trip!). . .and she loves these times - sometimes I think even more than going to the movies!

I asked Allie the next day why she loves it so much - why she likes it more than going to the movies. She gave me the most simple - yet powerful answer - because we are all snuggling together on the same couch, Daddy isn't reading a newspaper, Mommy isn't on the phone or on the computer or doing laundry. We are all doing the same thing she said, at the time time, as a FAMILY.

It made me stop and think. . .I consider myself a pretty involved and attentive mommy. And while Daddy tends to work his tush off, when he is home he is always happy to read with Allie or play a game with her - in between those passions that men have (reading the newspaper and napping). But what I realized is that when he is doing something with Allie, I am usually off blogging or cleaning or chatting on the phone or sometimes a mommies' night out and when he is vegging with the newspaper, I am usually playing with Allie, or she is playing by herself or often she has a playdate over.

And while we do quite a bit together as a family outside of the home, I think when we are at home we clearly aren't doing family togetherness as much as I think we are. . .I was even thinking about when we are in the swimming pool. Either we have friends over and everyone is in and out at different times or I am in with Allie or Daddy is in the pool with Allie - it has been a long time since the 3 of us were just in the pool together. I guess sometimes I take advantage of when Rich is home to divide and conquer - he is playing with Allie and so I am tending to other "stuff".

And what I realized by the simplicity of Allie's comment about Family Movie Night is that perhaps with this New Year approaching, Daddy & I need to make a more concentrated effort to just have some simple Family time at home together. . .I know I get caught up in always making plans and its gives me the jitters to think I might have a weekend coming up with no plans and OMIGOSH, won't we all be bored? But there is a difference between doing nothing and spending some quality time as a Family together. . .and while Allie is the first person to want a playdate with someone, I also hear her saying that she loves her Mommy & Daddy time and so perhaps this Mommy needs to bring it in a little and not always rush to make plans and run and go and do. Maybe I need to listen to what Allie is saying and try to devote more than one night a month to some simple, family togetherness time at home. . .

Or maybe she just loved the unlimited junk food that night??? :-)

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Friday, September 26, 2008

I Didn't Even Know There Was Actually a Demi Lovato Costume. . .

What or who does your son/daughter want to be for Halloween this year? Allie has been pretty adamant since the summer that she wants to be Demi Lovato - or Michie - from Camp Rock. . .and she could care less that no one will have any clue who she is unless they have are a Camp Rock fan or have a child who is a Camp Rock fan. I mean, I don't think Demi Lovato has received the amount of press Hannah Montana receives in one week. . .

Anyways, I was wondering how in the world I was going to be able to create a Demi Lovato costume for Allie - I figured I would try and mimic her clothes in the movie, but every time I tried to put together an outfit for Allie that I thought looked like her, Allie would just tell me that those were just "normal clothes" and no one would know she was Demi Lovato (didn't we just cover the fact that no one will know who she is anyways??) - she wants a Demi Lovato costume.

I told Allie that I don't think there will be a Demi Lovato costume as Demi doesn't have the same kind of outfits that Hannah Montana or anyone from High School Musical has. . .she just dresses like a normal teenager.

Well, we were in Target the other day and lo and behold my daughter and another little girl simultaneously run up to the ONE REMAINING Demi Lovato costume and both are holding opposite arms of the costume, shouting for their respective mothers "Mom, look, TOLD YA (how many times a week do you hear that one??), they have a Demi Lovato costume". . .

So, my new best friend (when 2 girls are playing tug-of-war with the last costume, it makes you fast friends - don't you think?) and I ask the girls to let go (they did reluctantly for fear the costume would disappear or "the other mom" would grab it first) and we both look at the tag and let out a simultaneous gasp - $39! My new best friend and I were on the same page and both agreed that how in the world could we spend that on a red shirt, leggings, coverings to go over boots (and now the costume has cost me an additional $20 because Allie doesn't have boots that fit her anymore. . .) and a necklace.

This is not a costume - not any costume I'm accustomed to seeing - no sparkle, no glitter, nothing fancy, or scary. No masks, no wigs, no wands, no wings, no microphones, no hats. Just leggings, a shirt, a simple necklace and boot cover-ups which translate into buying boots if you don't have boots. This is not a costume - this is an outfit put in a bag together being sold as a costume!

So, my new best friend and I look at each other and both mumble there is no way we can buy this. We also decided that we didn't want to upset the girls by one taking the last costume - so my new best friend was very smart and held up the costume and said she saw a tear in it and that neither girls would want it. Thankfully neither girl questioned the other mother's observation (or lack thereof!) and they were easily redirected. . .and my new best friend and I were both relieved that we weren't buying this $40 (plus $20 for boots) costume and we expressed again our shock and horror at the price for these random pieces of clothes put together to be called a costume and how there was no way we would buy it.

And then we both add, our husbands would have us committed to the loony farm if we bought this "bag" of clothes put together and packaged as Demi Lovato for $40 - oh yeah, don't forget to add the $20 for boots. . .

So, its back to the drawing board. . .

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday. . .On Thursday

This is one of Allie's most favorite pictures - it is from her 5th birthday. . .she wants to know if I emailed Hannah Montana a copy of the picture as well. . .

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Win a Male Fertility Kit

Normally I don't post contests on this blog (I save that for my contest blog that I share with Amy from Sassy Pink Boutique), but my good pal Kelly (whose book was just amazing - you can see it on my right side bar - Tiny Toes) is having a contest on her blog and I would love to share this with you - especially if you or someone you know is having challenges getting pregnant and you are looking at different solutions. Please click here if you are interested!

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Trying to Let It Go. . .on Tuesday

Trying to let it go on Tuesday!

This Meme will be every Tuesday and the idea behind it is to share with other Mommies what you need/want to "Try and Let Go" and perhaps you might be looking for some advice/comments from other Mommies who have gone or are going through the same thing! And please know other Mommies would love for you to share your words of wisdom with them as who "gets it" better than other Mommies?

If you want to play, every Tuesday, you post one or two or three (or however many "things" are eating at you) "things" that you are "trying to let go" of. How often as Moms do we get frustrated over things that we can't change or for one reason or another, aren't going to change. Quite often - and maybe more than we would like to admit! And how often do you say to your self, or one of your Mommy friends to just "let it go?". I know I do it alot.

So, here it is fellow Mommies - Tuesday is our Trying to Let it Go Day!! We make no promises here - only heartfelt attempts and most of all, validation that you get it!

If you too want to join in our Trying to Let It Go Tuesday, you can fill in the Mr. Linky below. . in line one give us your name and in the 2nd space, please give us the URL of your post, not just your home page URL, but the URL of your "Trying to Let It Go on Tuesday" post!

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What Mommy Meryl Is Trying to Let Go Of on Tuesday:

1. Allie's teacher has asked me not to read a story or do anything for Rosh Hashana because "it doesn't fit in with the 1st grade state requirement/standards". . .I love her teacher and think she is wonderful, but I can't deny that I'm not a little sad/disappointed by this. . .and I know you aren't to assume, but my guess is nothing for Chanukah either. But it is what it is and I need to let it go.

2. The 1st grade State Standards no longer include telling time, so unless I can get Allie to show any interest in learning it at home (which so far there is NONE), I guess I"m just grateful she can read a digital clock because she won't learn how to tell time in school until the State says it is a grade level standard.

3. Three grocery stores near me no longer carry fresh Edamame in the shells. . .I don't get it. . .doesn't everyone love them as much as Allie and I do?? Now I have to get the frozen ones (which soooo don't taste as good) unless I want to drive to another grocery store. . .

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Want to Join Me In Trying to Let It Go On Tuesdays?

Trying to let it go on Tuesday!

How many times do we express frustration about something to one of our girlfriend's and they tell us we really need to "try to let it go"? How many times do we say that to someone else? Well, I know that I say it just as much as it is said to me. . .and I think letting it go is sometimes easier said than done, but yet one of the simplest and best pieces of advice we can give ourselves. . .

So, last week I decided to make Tuesdays, "TRYING TO LET IT GO ON TUESDAY". No need to wallow in it all week, but I'm going to give one day a week to share one or two or three thoughts/challenges/frustrations/desires/stuff that is out of my control with you that I'm trying to let it go!

I would love if you would join me in trying to let your "stuff" go on Tuesdays as well! If you want to play, please grab the tag above and add it to your weekly post. I will have the Mr. Linky up on Tuesday, but I wanted to give you a little bit of time to get your thoughts together if you are thinking of playing!

And in case you are wondering, Amy from Sassy Pink designed the button for me - I love it and hope you do too!!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

What is your blog worth?

I have recently discovered a new blog that I really enjoy via Entrecard, called On the Verge. I saw her post that said her blog was worth a little over $2000. . .

I would like to join my new Blogging friend and ask if I too can have mine in cash? Maybe then I can show my hubby that my blogging is paying off! :-)

My site is worth $3744.9.
How much is yours worth?

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Like Me! You Really Really Like Me!

My week, or at least my day has been made!! The envelope has been opened and Amy at Sassy Pink has bestowed on Mommy Meryl her first ever Blogosphere award - the Brilliant Weblog Award! I would like to thank Amy from the bottom of my heart! I can now hold my head up high and know that my posts are making someone nod their head, laugh and cry along with me!

Now. . .as with everything in the Bloggy World, there are rules that go along with the Brilliant Weblog Award. . .and here they are!

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated

And the drumroll please. . .I would like to pass-on the Brilliant Weblog Award in all of its shimmer and shine to the following Blogging Buddies. . .

1. Winning Start-Ups

2. Lis Garrett

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6. Free Birthday Treats Blog

7. Twin Peas

8. 1-2-3 Get Organized

I know we are only supposed to do 7, but if you are organizing challenged as I am, you'll enjoy this blog for some organizing gems of widsom!!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trying to Let It Go Tuesday

Ok - I'm in the process of getting a graphic created, but I'm going to start a new Tuesday Post - or Meme as they are called in the Blogosphere. . .

How often as Moms do we get frustrated over things that we can't change or for one reason or another, aren't going to change. Quite often - and maybe more than we would like to admit! And how often do you say to your self, or one of your Mommy friends to just "let it go?". I know - I do it alot.

So, here it is fellow Mommies - Tuesday is our Trying to Let it Go Day!! We make no promises here - only heartfelt attempts and most of all, validation that you get it!

If you too want to join in our Trying to Let It Go Tuesday, you can fill in the Mr. Linky below. . .

1. My daughter is adamant about growing her bangs out - yet rarely wears clips or a headband in her head for more than an hour or two. I can't stand how hair hair hangs and covers her adorable face. . ..as my hubby and daughter try to tell me, its her hair. . .trying to let it go.

2. I eat too much and too often. . .instead of obsessing about it, I'm trying a new tactic. Trying to let it go. . .

3. Sometimes I get disappointed when my friends let me down and don't meet my expectations. . .maybe its not fair of me. . .so trying to let those go too.

4. I think my daughter is rebelling against all those cutesy matching outfits I put her in when she was younger and didn't have an opinion or voice. She now thinks an "outfit" (i.e. a matching top and bottom you buy together) is hideous and shouldn't be worn together. She is a big fan of stripes and polka dots. . .yes, worn together. Trying to let it go. . .

5. Allie is officially the staller of bedtime, unless she is drop dead tired. Since she gave up her pacies, she comes out of her room anywhere between 1 - 10x per night for something or other. Therefore, unless she is drop dead tired, she rarely actually gets to sleep until somewhere between 9 - 9:30 and for a 6 year old, I think that is too late. And she gets up anywhere between 6:30 - 7:15. But she wakes up happy and perky and 99% of the time there is no indication that she needs more sleep. . .other than just common sense telling me that. So, I have a new approach - I know she is going to come out and instead of trying to fight it each night, just accept it and work on . . .trying to let that go too!

6. They raised our gymnastics fee by $25/month with the intention of buying lots of new equipment for the girls. That was 3 months ago and so far we have seen nothing new. Allie loves loves loves gymnastics where we are. . .so trying to let this go too!

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$25 Restaurant Gift Certificates for $4

Starting 9/16 take 60% off $25 Gift Certificates at Restaurant.Com. Pay $4 when you use the code FESTIVE. Valid through 9/21/08.

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Looking for Ways to Spice Up Your Grilling?

Check out my lastest review of this really yummy grilling, baking, marinading, bbqing and basting sauce and enter the contest to win a bottle!!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Are You an Independent Woman? I Apparently Am Not. ..

Okay - in truth - I can't even pretend these results suprise me! :-)

You Are 33% Independent

You're a little independent, but overall you tend to follow the crowd.

Fitting in is more important to you than you may realize.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Volunteering in Your Child's Class

I am definitely one of those Mommies that have "Homeroom Mommy" plastered on my forehead. Before I even had Allie, people would always tell me that they just knew I was going to be a homeroom mom when Allie was in school. And I can't argue with that - Homeroom Mommy and Mommy Meryl are one and the same! Would it really surprise you to know that I have been her homeroom mom for the last 4 years of school? And for the last two its been wonderful because I get to be a co-homeroom mom and it has allowed me to share the fun with some amazing mommies!! But I have recently come to realize that Homeroom Mommy is all the easy and fun stuff - planning parties, communicating with parents, creating community within the class, etc.

Its the day-to-day volunteering that I believe is so much more important and needed by the teachers.

I volunteer in Allie's class every Wednesday for 2 hours and fortunately, there are 5 other Moms that volunteer on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as well and I know that Allie's teacher is so appreciative for our time and efforts. Fortunately she does reach out to parents because not only does she truly need the help, but its such a valuable experience for parents as well.

When I am in Allie's class I truly appreciate the amazing task teachers have each day - they need to manage a classroom of 20 kids (in Allie's class) of varying social, intellectual and behavioral abilities. When parents come in to volunteer, it allows the teacher to break the kids into smaller groups and work with the kids at the same levels. It allows my child and your child to have a little more of that individual attention, or at least smaller ratio attention, that truly enables our kids to flourish.

When I get to spend time in Allie's class I get to know the kids better, as well as the teacher and feel a part of her community. I get to see what is going on and have a better understanding of how the teacher runs the classroom. I know when Allie talks about a child, what he/she looks like and a little bit of their personality.

Allie has a child with special needs in her class - he is a wonderful little boy who happens to have Autism and he thankfully has a full time aide with him. Why do I say thankfully? Because all of the kids in Allie's class get the benefit of another set of hands in that class to help the teacher. While most of the aide's day is spent tending to her student, there are other times that she is available to help out the class and that is an extra bonus for Allie's classmates.

When I volunteer in Allie's class, I get to see another side to Allie - one that isn't always jump roping or hula hooping. I get to see a little girl who enjoys school work and if she knows the answer, loves to try and help others. I get to watch her coming out of her shell and opening up and raising her hand. Something that she rarely did in preschool or the earlier part of Kindergarten. Sometimes when I am in her class she is so engrossed in her work that she forgets I'm there - its at those times that I love watching her the best. I love seeing how she interacts with others, with her teacher and how she handles herself as she goes from task to task. I get a kick out of watching her rest her head on her hand while she is working on something - something I still do to this day if its not on the computer.

I have some friends that don't want to volunteer in their kids' classes because they say its not their thing or they work part-time and they don't want to spend their few hours of free time in a classroom.

I urge you to give it a try - I really think you will find it rewarding - a win-win for you, your child and your child's classroom. If you don't want to be in the classroom because you don't think you are a "kid" person - that is okay, teachers always need help copying, collating, laminating, etc! There is something for everyone!

School is just one of those things that I believe you can't complain or offer criticism about unless you are at school and able to spend time in the classroom to see what is going on. Just as I don't think you can complain about who the president is if you don't vote, I don't think you can complain about your kids' classroom before you spend time in there.

Trust me, I can join a complaining/whining/criticizing coffee-clotch with the best of 'em, but I feel when I do join in the conversation, my comments are a bit more educated now for having been in the classroom. . .I was really quick to judge before I spent some time in there!

And not to mention, the best part of it all - every week Allie asks "how many more wake-ups till you come to our class"?

And we even got Daddy Rich to join in the fun. . . he does a 5 week program with the kids and I secretly think Allie loves it more when he comes. . .

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Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AfterBite - a Mommy Meryl Must Haves!

Are you looking for a wonderful topical OTC medicine for bites - check out my lastest Mommy Meryl Must Have! Allie says its the BEST EVER!!

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Is This Just our Family Rule or an Everywhere Rule?

Ok, be honest, how many of you have at one time or another adapted the rules of a game so your young son/daughter would be able to master it a little bit better? Or maybe you didn't change them so much as not understand them the same way your neighbors might have?

Let me give you some example, let's take Mancala - one of my daughter's favorite games. The directions in our set says that if the last marble the player puts down during his/her turn lands in his/her own Mancala, than that player gets to go again. A few weeks ago Allie was playing Mancala at her friend's house and when the friend's last piece went in the Mancala, Allie just stared at her and the friend stared back at Allie. The friend asked Allie why she was staring at her and not going and Allie said because it was her (the friend's) turn again. The friend didn't understand and so Allie didn't really understand why the friend didn't understand, but Allie said "you know, because your last piece landed there, you get to go again". The friend said that isn't the way she plays and that is not the rules. So, both girls look at their respective mothers and I say to the friend "Honey, that is what the directions say." And my friend says "We never had directions because our game was a hand-me-down and we have never played that way." So, I say that when we are in our friend's home we will play the way they play.

Another example - the game Trouble. Now, from the beginning, I never wanted to modify these rules for Allie because I figured it would do more harm than good - so she always knew that she couldn't "get out" until she got a 1 or 6. And its probably for this reason that she never has liked Trouble too much - she thinks its "boring" just waiting for a 1 or 6 - and trust me, you'll agree, if you have played this game enough there are times where you can punch and punch that pop-o-matic thing (yes, its called a pop-o-matic - I promise I didn't make it up!) and it seems to never give you a 1 or 6. In any event, when she was like 3.5 or 4, one of her friends came over whose mother always altered the Trouble rules in their home. She said that they never played where you had to wait for the 1 or 6 - they can just get out at any number. Now this little friend is brilliant and understands and "gets" things (he is in the gifted program at our school at the age of 6) and his mother always told him that while they play her version in the house, the "real" version of the game is where you have to wait for the 1 or 6.

So, Allie and her little friend were attempting to play Trouble a few years ago and her friend was getting very frustrated after he "popped" twice and he didn't get a 1 or 6. So on his third turn, he said he was going to play his mommy's way or he wasn't playing at all because this way was "boring". Allie said he wasn't playing the right way and you have to play by the rules. He told Allie that he didn't want to play by her rules, he wanted to play by his mother's rules. I tried to explain to him it wasn't Allie's rules, but the rules of the game - but he wasn't interested and he kinda thought that every family makes up their own rules just like his mother did (can you blame him for thinking that?) and he wanted to play her way. Needless to say we moved on to a different activity.

I'm sure I could go on and on with examples - sometimes mine gets frustrated because she knows how to play a game a "different" way or sometimes its the friend getting frustrated. But it all boils down to the same thing - sometimes each family has their own rules for certain games and while its not necessarily a "bad" thing, it can make it a bit challenging at times because as adults we know which way is the "right" way; but, ultimately the kids end up thinking the way their family plays it is the "right" way - despite what Mommy & Daddy might say the real rules are.

So, on Sunday Allie was telling her Daddy how much she loved spelling and her spelling tests. She told him that she has only missed one word so far and it was "like" - she told him that she first spelled it "lik" because the "e" was silent. . .but that know she knows its "like". Then she told him that now she knows how to spelling "liking" and as any good Daddy does, he said "how"? And Allie said "l-i-k-e-i-n-g". So, Rich says close, but there is no "e" at the end and then he spelled it for her. As any 6 year old would be, she was rather confused and expressed this to her Daddy. So, he said he knew it was hard and some words just are really hard to spell and that it is the rule with most "ike" words that you take away the "e" when you add the "ing" to it i.e., bike/biking; hike/hiking; like/liking, etc).

So, Allie ponders for a moment and asks him if this was a "family rule". . ..

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunday is Grandparents Day - Take Them Out To Dinner or to Brunch!

Treat Grandma & Grandpa to a wonderful dinner or brunch on Sunday!! Buy a gift certificate at your favorite restaurant for only $5!!

Now take 50% off $25 Gift Certificates. Pay $5 when you use the code GRAND. Valid 9/5/08 through 9/7/08.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Outta The Mouth of Babes. ..

Mommy Meryl: Allie, how did you do on your Spelling Test today?

Allie: Mommy, we didn't have one.

Mommy Meryl: But I thought you have one every Thursday.

Allie: Mommy it wasn't a test. We didn't have to know the words. Mrs. S told us the words and we just had to write them down on our paper and spell them. Aren't we lucky that we don't have to have a test and know the words?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

You should always wonder what is going on when its too quiet with 3 girls in a playroom. . .

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Bi-Partisan Post - The White Elephant in the Room that Mommies Haven't Blogged About Yet. ..Sarah Palin

I read lots of mommy blogs and so far, I haven't seen any posts about Sarah Palin. Its kinda like the white elephant in the room - don't you think? There is sooooo much to say about her - be it good or bad and it all hits the core with us mommies.

So - I'm going to make that jump and blog about her! But, please know that the purpose of my post is not to say whether I'm Democrat or Republican or who I am voting for (I get to argue about that enough in my own home, I don't want to do that here!) - I just want to chat a little bit about Sarah.

First off, I must say she is a hottie! How many Presidents or Vice-Presidents can say they have been in Vogue? And she is a mom of 5 kids and a soon-to-be grandma and still hot enough to be in Vogue - you go girl!

So - what do I want to chat about? I don't want to chat about her politics, I just simply want to see what the other mommies think about the age old question - can a Mommy really have a successful high powered career and be an attentive, present and patient mommy?

Could I? Absolutely not. I can barely figure out how to work part-time, maintain and build my website and blogs, keep my house spotless and organized and keep up on the laundry. I'm not going to even mention figuring out how to prepare healthy home cooked meals for my family. I remember always growing up having dinner as a family together with Salad, Main Dish, Vegetables and Carbs on the table - not take out, but cooked. All I can say is thank god for Costo, Trader Joes and frozen meals - oh yeah, thank god for my hubby and the BBQ too! And I only have 1 child. And guess what? I ran out of milk yesterday morning, just in time to give Allie a bowl of cereal. Well - didn't run out, but as I opened the milk, it smelled yucky (even though the date was 9/2) and so I still felt inept that I couldn't seem to have a simple thing like milk in the house available for her. Oh yeah - I also didn't have her favorite Hannah Montana shirt for her to wear to school today (all 10000000000 of her other Hannah shirts were clean, but her favorite one was not) - again, had I been more on top of the household "stuff", Allie would have had fresh milk for her cereal and her clean Hannah shirt. Do I say the household stuff can come later because Allie wants to do a craft or game? Yes. Or sometimes I say later to everything because I am working on my website. Or sometimes everyone is on their last pair of something, so the laundry has to be done. Bottom line is that I truly feel like I give 100% to Allie most of the time and everything else slips a little bit. And when I do give something else 100%, do I honestly feel as though I am not giving Allie 100%.

So, because I can't always seem to get it together in all areas at all times, I often tend to give Allie the 100% to the expense/detriment of the other things (or there are those nights that after Allie goes to bed, I'm up until the wee hours of the morning [check out the times on some of my blog posts if you don't believe me!] doing the things that I "put aside" earlier in the day). But guess what - then my health doesn't get 100% because how many nights can an almost 40-year old Mom really exist on 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night?

But, I digress -how in the world can Sarah do it all? How can see she be the best mother, wife and vice-president she can be with 5 kids AND a grandchild on the way. And while that is nice that her daughter is getting married, the bottom line is two young children who are going to have a baby will need the help of their own parents to help them be parents themselves.

This has nothing to do with whether I like her or not or whether I support her politics or not. This simply just has to do with the fact that I find it hard to believe that she is going to be able to give 100% to everything she has in her life and if she can't give 100%, which part is going to suffer? I can tell you, if it was me, the stuff that wasn't my kids would suffer and perhaps that is one of 90000000 reasons why I won't be a good vice-presidential candidate. . .and if she feels the same way (which as a fellow mommy is how I would want her to feel), then how can she be a qualified vice-president?

If she says her role as vice-president would never suffer as a result of her mommy role (which I would want her to say as a citizen living in the US)? Than, I have to tell you, I feel a bit sad for her kids. . .and how does that fit in with the Republican stance of family values?
Or maybe I'm just inept and she can do it all - and if so, more power to her and that is what separates her. . .but I don't mind telling you, I am a bit skeptical.
And this is not about me not thinking that a woman can't have it all - I think she can have whatever she wants and whatever she sets her mind to - but tell me truthfully, do you think there is a point where there is too much and something or somethings don't get 100%? I do.

I certainly don't have all the answers, but these are just the questions that have been on my mind for the past few days. Tell me what your thoughts are - I'd love to know!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 1 of Blog Trip - a little about me. . .

Welcome to Day #1 of our Blogging Road Trip - and don't forget to check out my giveaways!!

On Day #1, I am supposed to tell you a bit about myself. . . .

I'm Meryl and I'm a thirty-something stay-at-home (SAHM) but sometimes part-time working mom to a 6 year old daughter. I have been married 13 years to a wonderfully supportive husband and 2 dogs complete our family for the moment. . . I began this blog as a supplement to my website - Chit Chat for Mommies. At whatever stage I have been at with my daughter thus far, there has been nothing more valuable and reassuring then connecting with other moms either going through the same stuff with me at the same time - or others who have already been there and done that. I also feel wonderful when I am able to add my own two cents in and help some other mom out as well. My goal for creating my website was to create that environment for you. There is no better group to belong to then the mommy group. We are always chatting about lots of interesting things. . .

I live in Phoenix, AZ and I actually really love the summers here!! We tend to spend most of our summer in the pool - be it our pool, a friend's pool or any one of the various amazing community pools. Community pools are always a great option for a change of scenery and mommies love it because there are lots of lifeguards to watch the kids and kids love it because there are always really cool slides, diving boards and water features!

See you tomorrow for Day #2!!

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