Friday, September 5, 2008

Outta The Mouth of Babes. ..

Mommy Meryl: Allie, how did you do on your Spelling Test today?

Allie: Mommy, we didn't have one.

Mommy Meryl: But I thought you have one every Thursday.

Allie: Mommy it wasn't a test. We didn't have to know the words. Mrs. S told us the words and we just had to write them down on our paper and spell them. Aren't we lucky that we don't have to have a test and know the words?

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My Vision said...

I bet she's a great speller even without the test!

Patty said...

She just makes me smile! That is so funny!

Soccer Mom In Heels said...

OMG, that is so cute! What a great way to look at things! That cracks me up!

mrsbear said...

That's hilarious, she's so cute. Don't they just know it all?

Annie said...

No pressure! I like her way!