Sunday, September 21, 2008

Want to Join Me In Trying to Let It Go On Tuesdays?

Trying to let it go on Tuesday!

How many times do we express frustration about something to one of our girlfriend's and they tell us we really need to "try to let it go"? How many times do we say that to someone else? Well, I know that I say it just as much as it is said to me. . .and I think letting it go is sometimes easier said than done, but yet one of the simplest and best pieces of advice we can give ourselves. . .

So, last week I decided to make Tuesdays, "TRYING TO LET IT GO ON TUESDAY". No need to wallow in it all week, but I'm going to give one day a week to share one or two or three thoughts/challenges/frustrations/desires/stuff that is out of my control with you that I'm trying to let it go!

I would love if you would join me in trying to let your "stuff" go on Tuesdays as well! If you want to play, please grab the tag above and add it to your weekly post. I will have the Mr. Linky up on Tuesday, but I wanted to give you a little bit of time to get your thoughts together if you are thinking of playing!

And in case you are wondering, Amy from Sassy Pink designed the button for me - I love it and hope you do too!!

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My Vision said...

What a fabulous idea! Love it!
hmmm, what am I trying to let go today? I guess the economy being in the tanker.

CP said...

Great idea and one that I need to embrace. I'll see if I can get it together for next week. Thanks!

(here from twittermoms)