Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trying to Let It Go. . .on Tuesday

Trying to let it go on Tuesday!

This Meme will be every Tuesday and the idea behind it is to share with other Mommies what you need/want to "Try and Let Go" and perhaps you might be looking for some advice/comments from other Mommies who have gone or are going through the same thing! And please know other Mommies would love for you to share your words of wisdom with them as who "gets it" better than other Mommies?

If you want to play, every Tuesday, you post one or two or three (or however many "things" are eating at you) "things" that you are "trying to let go" of. How often as Moms do we get frustrated over things that we can't change or for one reason or another, aren't going to change. Quite often - and maybe more than we would like to admit! And how often do you say to your self, or one of your Mommy friends to just "let it go?". I know I do it alot.

So, here it is fellow Mommies - Tuesday is our Trying to Let it Go Day!! We make no promises here - only heartfelt attempts and most of all, validation that you get it!

If you too want to join in our Trying to Let It Go Tuesday, you can fill in the Mr. Linky below. . in line one give us your name and in the 2nd space, please give us the URL of your post, not just your home page URL, but the URL of your "Trying to Let It Go on Tuesday" post!

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What Mommy Meryl Is Trying to Let Go Of on Tuesday:

1. Allie's teacher has asked me not to read a story or do anything for Rosh Hashana because "it doesn't fit in with the 1st grade state requirement/standards". . .I love her teacher and think she is wonderful, but I can't deny that I'm not a little sad/disappointed by this. . .and I know you aren't to assume, but my guess is nothing for Chanukah either. But it is what it is and I need to let it go.

2. The 1st grade State Standards no longer include telling time, so unless I can get Allie to show any interest in learning it at home (which so far there is NONE), I guess I"m just grateful she can read a digital clock because she won't learn how to tell time in school until the State says it is a grade level standard.

3. Three grocery stores near me no longer carry fresh Edamame in the shells. . .I don't get it. . .doesn't everyone love them as much as Allie and I do?? Now I have to get the frozen ones (which soooo don't taste as good) unless I want to drive to another grocery store. . .

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Amy said...

No telling time? WHAT THE HECK? I taught time in Kindergarten!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'll have to keep up and see if I can play!

Also, I've sent a couple emails about 31 Days of Make Believe. Have you gotten them?