Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can We Go to the Trophy Store?

There is truly nothing more worthy of repeating than those comments, statements, observations and questions that often come out of the mouths of our children. . .and today Allie posed one of those questions.

Today was Field Day at camp for Allie and she has been quite excited for a few days. Earlier in the week the counselors told the kids that some campers would win a trophy, but everyone would leave with at least one ribbon. Well, Allie kept telling me all week how excited she was because she was going to get a trophy at Field Day. Of course, wanting to protect her from every upset, I tried to make sure that she understood most kids would not get a trophy and that she shouldn't be disappointed if she didn't. All that matters is that she has fun!

There was not a more excited child at 3pm when Allie came rushing out to me proudly holding out her trophy. She couldn't wait to tell me that she got it for Jump Roping and the smile on her face and excitement in her voice was contagious! At the same time Allie was proudly sharing her good news, her close girlfriend "A" was clearly not so happy and the more excited Allie seemed, the more upset her friend got and so before I could turn around and ask her friend "A" what she got her ribbon in, "A" and her mom left.

After seeing "A" leave, Allie turned to me and said, "A is grumpy because she didn't get a trophy. I asked Miss Claire if they could give A a trophy so she wouldn't be sad but Miss Claire told me you can only win a trophy."

I told Allie it was really sweet of her to think of A like that and to want to make her feel better but that as hard as it is sometimes not to get a trophy, the most important thing is to have fun and to be proud of your friends who do get trophies even though you are sometimes a little sad that you might not have gotten one."

As we were getting in the car to go home, Allie told me she had an " excellent idea". She said we should mall and go to the Trophy Store to get one for A to give it to her tomorrow. . .

Its moments like those that make you think you must be doing something right as a Mommy (or at least all the other stuff you did hasn't completely messed them up. . .)!

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"A"s mommy said...

Your post made me cry! Allie is such a sweetie!!

My Vision said...

Cute story!! That is sooo sweet of Allie!!! Congratulations to her on being the best jump roper!! I bet she was ecstatic.