Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vote for Sassy Pink Boutique!

You could win this!

If You Do This. . .

Vote for Sassy Pink Boutique

It's time to vote!
Show your love and vote for Sassy Pink Boutique over at Girl Indie.
They have entered their Washcloth Candies in the Baby Gear Category ( entry #11-at the bottom) of the 1008 Designer Chick Contest!

To show their appreciation, everyone who emails Sassy Pink @ info@sassypinkboutique.com and lets her know they voted will be entered to win a cupcake bath bomb!

Vote here

Thank so much for your support - as a new Mommy Website and a new Mommy Blogger (check out my review blog if you haven't already - I'm getting ready to tell you where I found a lava lamp just like the one in Hannah Montana bedroom - your girls will love it!!), I am all about giving back the love to all the other Mommy websites and bloggers who support me. Sassy Pink Boutique not only happens to be a big supporter of Mommy Meryl (and designer of my Must Haves! blog!), but they are one of my fave sites to buy lots of baby shower and baby gifts at.

Deadline is Sunday, July 20th.

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Sassy Pink Boutique said...

Thanks a ton Meryl!

My Vision said...

I just voted for her and it looks like she's winning! Yeay! Cute stuff!

Kelly D said...

You are an amazing supporter of the mommy community (and the infertility one too). Thanks for always commenting!

P.S. how do you create the thumbnail photo to go with my name?