Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Need Over 350 More Subscribers - Can You Help Me?

Hi everyone - thanks so much for your continuing support of me and Blogging Idol! A few people have asked me for my stats - I have a total of 131 subscribers - I started on July 1 with 17 and so I have gained 114 new subscribers!! I am sooo excited! But, I have to tell you, the #1 guy has gained 484 subscribers since July 1 - that is 353 more than me. Sooooooooo - here is my thought, if you are game - if each one of you are able to share my blog with at least 3 -4 of your friends/blog readers and ask them to subscribe, I can have a decent shot of catching up to the #1 guy! And wouldn't that be amazing to have a Mommy Blog with Blogging Idol?

I also would love to have a contest to offer the current subscriber who attracts the most new subscribers to my blog between now and July 31st a wonderful prize/bribe - BUT, the contest rules prohibit me from giving a prize that I buy myself. Soooo - if anyone has that one amazing prize to donate for this cause, please let me know - I would be sooo appreciative!! All my contest sponsors have been wonderful and have helped me attract so many subscribers!!

As always, thanks for your continuing support - please let me know if you have that fabulous prize to donate!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Beryl Powell said...

Meryl, I'll donate one of my business guides. You can choose the one you want to give away the details of each one can be found at

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Email me at to talk about giveaways.

Concept Design Studios said...

I will donate 500 printed business cards*. Please contact me at if you are interested!

*2-sided, full color, full bleed, 2x3.5"