Monday, July 28, 2008

Today Is Allie's Birthday!!

And guess what? I got a present too - 2 new bright strands of gray hair right smack dab on top of my head! They are so prominent, I'm surprised you can't see them!!

My hubby tells me that is what happens when your daughter turns 6 - gosh, I can only imagine what will happen when she turns 16!!

Best quotes of her trampoline birthday present?

"I can't believe I have a trampoline - I dreamt this my whole life"

"This is the best day in my life so far"

Allie to babysitter: "Do you like or love my trampoline?"

Babysitter: "Love it, of course!" "Do you like or love your trampoline?"

Allie: "I don't like it or love it."

Babysitter: "huh?"

Allie: "I love love love love love it - I'm going to marry it".

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