Saturday, April 19, 2008

Allie Loves Playing Her Chores Game - My Reward Board

I first saw this ad on the blog for trendy mommy and I just had to check it out! It seemed like just the thing I needed because our getting ready for school and getting ready for bed activities are always full of negotiations and what should take 5 minutes always take much more!!

Ok - you are asking, HOW DOES IT WORK? And why can't I just do a plain ole' reward chart from my computer and tape it up on the wall and put stickers on it? Well you can - but does it work for you? It always loses steam for me. Last month I let Allie pick out any calendar she wanted (of course it was Hannah Montana) and every evening she got ready for bed without all the stalling and arguments and negotiations she got to put a sticker on that day - if she got so many stickers she would get a reward. Well - after a while it lost it excitement - I guess arguing about going potty before she want to sleep was more exciting to her then then putting a sticker on.

So -I came across
My Reward Board Software Chore Chart and loved what I read (although skeptical) - I was excited they had a FREE 15 day trial, so I downloaded it. Before I even had a chance to explain to my daughter all about it, she discovered the shortcut on my desktop and immediately assumed it was a game for her and she opened it and I went through everything with her. So - now she LOVES to open up the program and fill in her little boxes with smiley faces when she completes are her chores (trust me, her chores are simple - putting away her shoes, brushing her teeth, washing her hands and face, going potty before bed, etc)!! We created rewards that she can redeem for points (i.e., from small rewards to getting to choose a DVD to rent to picking a treat for her lunchbox to big ones such as choosing a restaurant for dinner to getting a new Webkinz). In any event, its been over 2 weeks and I bought the program because she seems to really enjoy it and loves that she gets to input the information. I think if your child likes playing on the computer, they will LOVE this and if you have the same challenges that I had with my daughter you will love this too!!

From the My Reward Site:
The My Reward Board program emphasizes a positive approach for encouraging kids to complete their chores, achieve their goals, improve their behavior, and save their money. New chores and goals can be added at any time, and kids mark off their own work using a cast of engaging happy face characters. Parents can configure the program to conform to their own parenting style, controlling how frequently rewards are earned and which rewards are available. Achievement certificates - suitable for framing, or at least hanging on the refrigerator - are printed at the end of each week, and an animated piggy bank squeals in delight when allowance is earned or a savings goal has been met. And here's the best part - you can get a FREE 15 day trial to see how it all works and if your kids are into it or not.

My Reward Board Software Chore Chart is a fun and effective tool to encourage children to do their best every day. Anyways - I just had to share this with you!! As everything with kids go, you have to find their magic button and this might not be it for you, but its sure working for me!!

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