Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crazy Sock Day

Ok - I gave myself a Mom Award today!! Yeah me!

So today at Allie's school it was "Crazy Sock Day". Now last week it was "Cowgirl/Cowboy Day" and I managed to spend $35 so my daughter was appropriately dressed in her cowgirl "duds". Insane - I know. But yet, for the mere price of $35 I knew that my daughter was all decked out (boots, jean skirt, western shirt and cowgirl hat) and there was no way she would feel that she was missing something. Oh yeah, and she had a "good Mom" who made sure she was all dressed up.

Ok - back to today. Well, on Thursday we examined each one of Allie's socks and there was not one sock she thought was "crazy". I even suggested mix-matching them and she still said the socks weren't crazy. Well, no-way, no-how was I going to spend one cent more on dressing up this week. Ok - yes I was because no-way, no-how was my daughter not going to wear crazy socks - what a bad mom I would be if I forgot or was too lazy to find some for her.

Then - IT HIT ME!! I took a pair of white socks and lots of colors of Sharpie markers and colored all different color stripes and polka dots. Not only didn't it cost me a penny, but Allie loved them and she was so excited to tell her friends that her Mommy made them and no, she didn't get them at Target!!

And I have to tell you - if I do say so myself - they are pretty cute!!

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Anonymous said...

We went to 2 stores the night before and i finally ended up getting a pair of knee socks, some mini pompoms and some sparkly gems to glue on them. Well, that didn't work...the stuff kept falling off. We ended up using glitter glue pens! They turned out very cute and Abby loved helping to create them. Only one problem, the glitter glue was washable!!