Sunday, April 27, 2008

And Sometimes I Wish Allie Couldn't Read. ..

I never thought I had to hide my People magazines from Allie (unless of course I want to read them before she rips out anything Hannah Montana or High School Musical) - I mean she can't really read and its just entertainment news - nothing harmful, right?

So, Saturday morning I'm reading this week's People magazine and she grabs one from the coffee table and we are both reading. . ."Mommy - I didn't know Daddies can have babies - I thought only Mommies do!". I look up and see what she is reading and a number of expletives are running across my brain and I simply mutter "Huh?" to stall for time. I didn't really mean for her to repeat it, but not only did she repeat she read the title of the article "He's Having a Baby". So, I did exactly what I say never to do - I kinda sorta lied to Allie (I have always been a big believer in telling them the truth - as simple and as direct as can be- if they ask a question regarding "life" stuff - i.e., birth, death, sex, body parts, etc) and said "Oh, they are just joking.". I thought the conversation would end there, but no, Allie says, "then why is it in your magazine if its a joke? Is your magazine a joke magazine?" And I said at that point, yes, sometimes my magazine is a joke. . .

I think whatever any couple chooses to do is fine for them, but did I have any interest in beginning to discuss this with my 5 year old daughter whose only knowledge about where babies come from and how they got there is limited to some come out of bellies like she did and some come out of Mommies vaginas. That is it - finished, period, the end. No way, no how did I choose to even begin to tackle how or why this guy was in People magazine saying he was having a baby (and a he that still had some female body parts) - above and beyond where I want to go. So, yes, I chose to lie even though I always said I will never do that. And once I again I am reminded of the best parenting rule ever - NEVER SAY NEVER.

Just curious for any of you other People Magazine readers out there - did your kids come across this article and how did you handle it??? :-)

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