Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mom, You Are Such a Chit Chatter!

Both friends and people I haven't met who come to my website (if you haven't been there yet, please click on the Chit Chat for Mommies square button on the left-hand side of the page) have asked me why/how I came up with the name for my website - Chit Chat for Mommies.

One day last week as I was leaving my daughter's school, I ran into one another Mom who has kids older then Allie at the school and we started talking about a number of things I was getting nervous about for 1st grade (I know its 4 - 5 months away!). Then after she and I were done, another Mom I was friendly with started talking to me about the same subject - all the while my daughter patiently waiting for me. It was now about 3:45 (school is over at 2:45) and my daughter was clearly ready to end her day. She patiently came up to me and asked if we were ready to go and I told her "one more sec". About 3 minutes later, we finally left.

On the way to the car my daughter said to me, Mom you are the biggest CHIT CHATTER. Why do you always have to CHIT CHAT with everyone?

And I suppose that is why I have a site called Chit Chat for Mommies - apparently I excel in the Chit Chat department!

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