Friday, April 18, 2008

Was the Oregeno's Cookie Dessert Worth It?

I just simply suck at being on diets. If it were socially acceptable to be chunky, fat, pleasantly plump - however you want to say it, I would excel at that!! It comes sooo naturally to me! Some people do really well at watching what they eat, having a good metabolism and being a skinny minny - unfortunately, that is just not me.

So - I have been on Nutrisystem for the last 2 - 3 months and overall have really stayed on it - I really like the diet - if you have to be on a diet. Its relatively easy in terms of figuring out what to eat and not eat and no weighing, measuring, etc.

I know women don't divulge their age or weight - but I've never been caught up with that. I'm 39 years young and I weigh - well, okay - I guess I don't want to go there, but suffice it to say I could lose a few (and then a few more and a few more). Anyways - I have lost about 17 pounds on Nutrisystem, but since last week I have BLOWN IT!!

My daughter had 2 birthday parties and I couldn't resist the cake. I did okay during the week but yesterday (Thursday) it was my close friend's birthday and we went to Chompies for lunch (the local deli) and she was considerate enough to ask me if I was going to be okay on my diet there. Instead of telling her that it was fine and I can make healthy choices, I tell her not to worry as I'm blowing it for your birthday. And then I knew we were going out to lunch today (Friday) with some more girlfriends for my friend's birthday to Oregenos and I told her that I was planning on blowing it then too and then of course I'm blowing it this weekend because its Passover and one of my fave Jewish holidays with all the yummy food!!

So - not only do I have a bagel, cream cheese and a veggie omlette w/ cheese yesterday for lunch, but today I have a caesar salad, pizza and Oregno's famous cookie for dessert (okay, not just a cookie, but like a big melted choc chip cookie w/ ice cream on top - acutally not melted, but like 1/2 baked) and every bite was decadent and delicious.

And now - I'm sick to my stomach and feel so sluggish and gross. Can I capture this feeling and remember it next time? I doubt it - I haven't figured that out for 39 years. So - instead of beating myself up (which I have been doing for the past 3 hours) - I'm going to enjoy my Passover Seders this weekend and then get up Monday morning and start fresh. . . .

So - was the cookie worth it? At those 5 minutes - absolutely yes. The next 5 minutes - absolutely no. Did I mention I suck at diets????

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