Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pacie Update

I owe you an apology - I'm sorry for not updating you as to our Pacie Status!! Tonight is 7 nights of being Pacie Free!! Yeah!! I'm so proud of my daughter.

The nights are getting better and while the mornings are still a little earlier then normal, they are getting better as well!!

Now the funny part - she has a sleepover this Saturday night for her sleepover club (another post for another day about that!) and a close friend of mine is hosting it. I called her and said "I hope you don't hate me, we need to talk about the sleepover". My girlfriend thought I was going to say that my daughter couldn't do it and I said "no, not at all, she is very excited. The reason I was calling you was to tell you that Allie gave up her pacies about a week ago and I feel really bad that your house is the first sleepover without the pacie". My girlfriend tried to reassure me and tell me that Allie would be okay, and I told my girlfriend that it wasn't Allie I was worried aobut, it was her and how long she would be up with my daughter before my daughter finally fell asleep!!

So yes, thanks everyone who asked about her status - we are still a pacie free house!! Yeah.

So, note to myself (and anyone else who is reading this) - take the pacie away from child way before 5 1/2 years old - or better yet, DON'T START IT!!!

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