Friday, August 15, 2008

First Week of School

We have more than survived our first week of first grade - we are loving it - both Mommy and Allie! Of course Daddy is happy too - but he is a guy - sooo much easier to please and not caught up in the drama that I was (who is Allie's teacher going to be? will I like her? will she be warm and kind? will she be able to indulge my neurosis? will Allie have friends in her class? will allie be comfortable leaving the class to go to the bathroom now that there aren't bathrooms in her class? will being dropped off in a playground of 700 kids overwhelm her and revert her to being clingy again or will she do okay? need I go on??)!

Anyways -we love our teacher - she couldn't be kinder and warmer (at least during the first week!) and Allie loves her! Allie is also in class with 2 of buddies from last year (although she was very bummed that one of her closest buddies was in a different class - she seems to be doing just fine as they play on the playground and are already planning play dates!) and she is making new friends.

She loves her "job" this week - she gets to take the " 'tenndence" to the front office and be a bathroom buddy to any girl who doesn't want to leave the class to go the bathroom by themselves (although I'm not sure she was the best choice given I don't think she has even done that yet - instead she opts for going when her teacher makes group runs to the bathroom).

Her teacher was made for me - she sent home a letter saying that she feels that parents working with the teachers guarantee a child's success school and how warm fuzzies will be the theme that they will learn with this year (how much better can you get them warm fuzzies??). In addition to Allie having homework this first week (and yes, I'm already comparing her teacher's assignments with friends in the other 1st grade classes and yes, its driving us all crazy as they appear to all be different. Allie's teacher seems to be the only one who has sent home the most substantive homework so far), the parents had homework. We were told to write a letter to the teacher about our child. Here goes:

Allie is a fun-loving, active little girl who is the light of our lives. Although at first glance, she can be hesitant and quite shy in new situations, when she is in her comfort zone she thrives on being the center of attention.

Allie tends to enjoy more physical activities (i.e., running, jump roping, hula hoping, jumping on her trampoline and gymnastics) than sedentary ones. While I do believe she enjoys school work, she tends to have more confidence in her physical capabilities then her intellectual ones; therefore, hula-hooping, singing to Hannah Montana and gymnastics seem to always be her preference. When some of her friends who are more advanced readers than she share their reading conquests with her, she is very quick to point out proudly that she won a 1st place trophy at her summer camp’s jump roping contest.

While Allie is an only child for now, she fortunately doesn’t exhibit typical only child behaviors. She shares well and can play by herself just as well as playing with others (her preference would be to have a play date 7 days a week if she could though). She knows she has to take turns and while she doesn’t like waiting any more than any other child, she understands sometimes you have to be patient.

Allie is a rule follower and definitely doesn’t want to disappoint an authority figure (other than her mother, of course!). And while she does test the limits/boundaries as all kids do, we have to say that she truly is a good kid and doesn’t give us much trouble at all.

While Allie can have the typical “girl drama” with her friends, she is truly a warm, kind and loving girl. She is also quite funny! But mostly, she is ours and we love her. We love her more than yesterday, but never as much as tomorrow.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to share a little about Allie with you.

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Lis Garrett said...

Allie is SO adorable, and I *LOVE* that shirt!

I think every parent should be required to write a descriptive letter about their child for the teacher. It would be so much easier for the teacher to get to know the kid. Although, I usually do this anyway without the teacher asking. Think you're neurotic?! LOL!

My Vision said...

That's a good idea to have the letter. Sophia is supposed to start preschool next week if she is potty trained, which she isn't fully so i may hold her back another month, but they sent a big packet for me to write a bunch of personal stuff about her and pics of our family.