Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sometimes You are More Fun Than My Friends

Last night, Allie was supposed to go over to her friend's house for an impromptu playdate and dinner while the friend's mom and I grabbed a light bite for dinner. There was no real reason - just seemed like a good opportunity to steal some Mommy Chat time! Due to miscommunication, our evening plans fell through. Needless to say, Allie wasn't happy and said she didn't know what she was going to do now because she and her friend were going to do this, this and this together (of course she rattled off a list of activities) and now she can't. I told her that other than us skateboarding together on her birthday skateboard (I can handle the scooter, but can you even imagine me on a skateboard? Oy!), I will do all the things that she and her friends were going to do.

We decided to open up her Karaoke Machine that she got for her birthday and we had an ABSOLUTE BLAST singing Karaoke together for the next hour or so. Trust me, Hannah Montana is very catchy!

Then she told me she wanted to show me her flip on the trampoline - it was heading into evening and had cooled down from a million degrees to only 100, so I came out to watch. We realized that there were some leaves and so she asked me to help her sweep them off the trampoline.

I'm sure the flies on the walls (as well as any neighbors who might have seen us from their 2-story windows) had a great laugh while they watched teeny tiny Allie and well, me, Mommy Meryl attempt to sweep leaves off of a trampoline. Have you ever tried it? I suggest you do so if you want lots of belly laughs and some good old fashioned fun. Let's just say, a broom doesn't work as well on a bouncy surface! But boy did we have fun giggling, laughing and falling all over each other.

After Allie took a bath, she looked at me and said, most seriously, that even though I make her brush her teeth when she doesn't want to or go to bed when she isn't even tired that it was okay that her playdate got cancelled because "sometimes you are more fun than my friends".

Until tomorrow morning when she glares at me for making her do something so awful as brushing her teeth, I will take and savor this moment. . .

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adymommy said...

How sweet!
I love when they realize we aren't all evil and bad.
Sounds like great fun!

My Vision said...

Thats really cute! Sounds like you had some good bonding moments over the trampoline!

Jenni said...

And when she glares at you you can say, "Yesterday you said I was more fun than your friends!"

Jack, wearing his "My Mom is #1 shirt", once told me he wished I wasn't his mom. I was like, "Oh yeah? Well THAT isn't what your shirt says!"


Anonymous said...

Isn't it just the best when you can steal little moments like those?!