Monday, August 4, 2008

Some thoughts on Allie's Birthday. . .

I just can't believe you're 6. Where did the time go...!?

It seems as if it was only yesterday that your Daddy was at work and I called him because I couldn't decide if my water broke or if I couldn't hold my pee in. It seems like it was just yesterday that you were born, that we brought you home for the first time (I don't think your Daddy ever drove as careful or as slow) and that for months our best form of entertainment was simply staring at you for hours on end as we wondered what your voice would sound like, what your personality would be and where life would take you.

Your Daddy nor I could have ever imagined the absolute joy of watching you grow, learn, walk, and talk. Most of all – we are just amazed at the immense happiness and delight you bring to our lives. Sometimes I am just speechless at how much that teeny tiny little 6 lb, 4 ounce (okay, 5 lb 8 ounce baby when you came home) baby I held and snuggled with for hours is nothing but memories and pictures on our fridge as you are growing up fast and getting more and more independent each day.

Some of your favorite things:
Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, High School Musical, iCarly, Zach & Cody, Drake & Josh, Mamma Mia,Hairspray, Annie, Parent Trap, Puzzles, Swimming, Gymnastics, Trampolines, Dancing & Singing, Webkinz, Cheetah Girls, Halter Tops, Flip Flops, , arts & crafts, Easy Bake Oven, playing with your friends.

What you asked for your birthday:
A trampoline, skateboard, mp3 player, karaoke machine, groovy girls, Camp Rock & Hannah Montana backpack & lunchbox for school, the game Sorry and guess what - between Mommy & Daddy, Sue, Grandma and your friends you got EVERYTHING you wanted. . .

Six years old! How time flies. I remember when you were a few weeks old & all you could do was eat, sleep, poop. I loved how I could hold & cuddle with you (you still love to snuggle with mommy & daddy!!). You were a really happy and good baby - you rarely cried.

Fast forward six years, you are a loving and happy little girl. You have such a magical personality & love of life. You are really funny (which I have to wonder if you inherited Daddy's quite sense of humor or my loud sense of sarcasm) and you love running around & playing. I love how you love spending time with your friends and try to do everything you participate in 100%. Its beautiful to watch you being so kind to your pets - you love to share your snacks with them, yet you are always keeping an eye on them to make sure they don't get into food that isn't good for them. You love to play dress up with Lexi - she is an easy playmate as she is almost 14 years old (that is 98 in people years) and always lets you throw a scarf on her. Pluto loves to hang out with you and is never far away with a kiss that he can't wait to give you!

But what I love most about you is the way you make me feel. You make me feel like the most amazing mommy in the world when you run into my arms & yell out excitedly, “Mommy, Mommy.” You are truly one of the most spectacular things to happen to me.

As we spent the morning together this past Saturday getting pedicures before your birthday party, it was the first glimpse into the many many mommy-daughter bonding activities we will get to do together over our lifetimes. . .our journey together as mom and daughter is just beginning and I love the ride so far and can't wait to see where the road takes us next.

Happy Birthday Missy Miss - I love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow!

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JenniBeanV said...

Awww! Happy Birthday, Allie!

My baby is turning 7 next week. Wah!

My Vision said...

Thats beautiful, Meryl! So funny you called your hubby to ask whether you peed or your water broke. I had the same dilemma! said...

I enjoy reading your blog. You sound like a great mother and your child sounds enchanting. I, too, remember when my first child, also a daughter was born. My husband and I felt so blessed. I think about her daily and all the good times we shared together. We are estranged now but I hope she also thinks about all the love and happy times she too enjoyed as a child. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.


Anonymous said...

Well written.
It makes me dream about me & my mom.
Thanks !