Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Child. . .No Need for Sitter. . .Guess What We Did on our Hot Date???

Stayed Home. Yup. That is right. We stayed home and watched a pay-per-view movie. Now, how is that for excitement?

Its not that we didn't attempt to go out - but we were both wanting to see a movie and there was NOTHING, and I mean NO MOVIE we wanted to see.

And before you begin to think of all the hot bars you and your hubby would go to if you had a date night, don't work your brain anymore because trust me - I hated going to bars when I was single in college and law school and you were supposed to like it. I'm a little more of a nerd - I kinda dig movies, dinner, plays, and hanging out with friends and shmoozing and noshing! :-) An adult game night is always fun too (nooooooooooooooooooooo, not those games! I mean like pictionary, trivial pursuit, Balderdash, etc). And thankfully my hubby is just as happy with the nerdier things in life as well!

Last night we were going out for a quickie, no big deal, inexpensive dinner with Allie and our really close friend, Allie's god-mother. I came up with the bright idea that we could ask our neighbor's 3rd grade daughter to come - that way Allie could have a friend to play with at dinner and the adults could have some adult chit-chat time! When we went to go pick up our neighbor, the girls said they were DYING for a sleepover - so our neighbors invited Allie over and said we should take the opportunity to have a night out.

We immediately accepted their gracious offer and we were almost off their driveway, barely containing ourselves as we made plans of an exciting night of dinner out (a non-Allie friendly restaurant) and a movie, when both girls came running out whining how excited they were for Chinese food and couldn't we still take them to dinner.

While all the adults except I are telling the girls no, they will just at home for dinner, ever the sucker I am for a child, I raise my eyebrows to my hubby and he mumbles something which I immediately interpret as an "of course girls" and I turn to tell the girls that we would love to take them to dinner.

So, the plan was we would take them to dinner and then drop them off afterwards and then Hubby and I would go to a movie.

So, we go to dinner and I make sure I don't eat too much, because I was really salivating over the anticipation of getting my movie popcorn. We drop the girls off and we break out the newspaper and start trying to figure out which movie we were going to go to.

He had no interest in seeing the Traveling Pants movie - he told me that it belongs on a girls night out. We have already seen Mamma Mia and the Luke Wilson movie (can't remember - somebody was here. . .). There was NOTHING ELSE to see! Wow - I remember how before Allie was born we saw movies all the time - sometimes 2 weekends in a row!! I loved loved loved going to the movies and I never remember not being able to find a movie to see! I immediately began to feel bad for all those people who don't have children and can go out anytime they want to see a movie - there is nothing for them to see either and they have so many more available date nights!!

So, we saw Smart People on pay-per-view - a movie I had never heard of with Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker. It was worth the $3.25 that it cost. But I didn't have my movie popcorn - so it was a little unsatisfying.

But, OMIGOSH, I almost forgot to tell you, the most EXCITING benefit of Allie sleeping over a friend's house. I.GOT.TO.SLEEP.TILL.9.AM. And I am sure I could have kept sleeping, except that is when the neighbor's brought Allie home (they had somewhere to be by 10am). But that is okay - I haven't seen anything after 7:30 (but mostly nothing after 7am) in a long, long, long time. ..

Now, I have to say, that was better than any movie without paying for a babysitter that I can think of. . .Yes, you too would be saying that if you only got to sleep late two days out of the year - my birthday and Mother's Day. . .and that is only if my birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday that I don't teach Hebrew School.

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JenniBeanV said...

Sleeping late is THE. BEST.

I wanted to take the boys to the movies last week and there wasn't anything good for kids to see, either. All those movies at the theater...but they're all crap.

Vanessa said...

Yes seriously every time we check to see what movie we want to go to nothing!!!

Be sure to enter in the giveaway I have, it is a kiddie one buy hey free stuff is always good!

Asianmommy said...

I'm with you--there's nothing better than sleeping in!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! I am with ya on the sleeping in. Isn't it funny the little things we enjoy now as mothers? ;o}

mama bear bugga said...

surprisingly, i missed my daughter waking me up early. LOL she's been gone for 6 weeks and i've been sleeping in every single weekend. :)

nights in alone are the best IMO.

My Vision said...

I've been having problems finding good movies lately as well. I want to see the Sex in the City movie but not sure that's in theaters still. I take the girls to the library weekly and have been checking out dvd's. Have seen some decent ones like Michael Clayton and Kramer v. Kramer.