Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things that make you say huh?

Just as Allie was getting up to go to bed last night, she decided to do one last flip on the couch (didn't you know that all soft objects in a house are considered trampolines?) - its irrelevant to the story that she knows she isn't supposed to do that. . .well I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch and she clocks me pretty good on the head with her feet and legs. Yes, it hurt. It. hurt. alot. So I was pretty proud of myself that I didn't scream any inappropriate expletives outloud, instead I just held it in and clenched my head with my hands and mumbled something about that is why we bought her a trampoline for her birthday. Except my head really hurt and she knew it. She burst out crying. I don't mean a few tears - I mean full body hysterical crying. So now I feel worse that she feels so bad that she hurt me - I mean clearly that has what has gotten her so upset, right?

So after I comfort her for a while, she finally starts to calm down and I reassure her that I'm okay and not hurt and its an accident and no biggie and she doesn't need to cry about it.

She looks at me and says, "that's not why I'm crying".

I say, "you aren't crying because you were sad that you hurt me?".

Allie says, "no. Well, I'm sad I hurt you, but that isn't why I'm crying."

I ask her, "okay then, why are you crying?".

Allie tells me she doesn't really know, "my face just felt like like it was going to cry and so I had to do what my face wanted to do."


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Lis Garrett said...


Don't you just love kids' explanations?!

Consider Bridget's answer when Ian asked why she can't go poop in the potty yet: "I have to use my muscles, just like Super Man."

Uh . . . . what the heck does that mean?

My Vision said...

that's adorable! She's a little sweetheart!