Thursday, August 14, 2008

Know What Allie's Loves Best About First Grade So Far?

This is what Allie says she loves the most about First Grade so far:

1. They don't have to walk in a line from the cafeteria to the playground after lunch

2. She can walk to the playground next to whomever she wants to be with

3. While walking to the playground, she can sing, talk, laugh & dance

4. That she doesn't have to walk in a single-file line, silently with one hand up in the air and the other finger on her lips (in the "shush" position) from the cafeteria to the playground

5. That she gets to play on the big kids' playground

6. That she can go as far away from the school as she wants on the big kids' playground (I smile as she tells me that as I am silently wondering is there an adult that far out? How will you know when to come in? How long will it take someone to find you if you miss hearing the bell? Do you always take a friend when you go far out?)

7. That she gets to check out 2 books from the school library (uh-oh, one more thing for me to keep track of!).

8. That she has computers in her classroom.

9. That she started out the year already knowing people and doesn't have to start school again with no friends, like last year.

Not bad for the first week, right?

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My Vision said...

Wow she's a big girl now! Standing in line to go to the playground after lunch sounds so kindergarten! I think we had to do that as a kid though till third or fourth grade, at least it felt like it.