Monday, June 2, 2008

Are You Dating a Man or a Minivan?

That was one of my favorite quotes from Sex and the City - what Carrie says to Miranda when Miranda tells Carrie that Steve is safe, comfortable and predictable and that is one of the things that she loves about him.

And guess what - I could write a whole blog on all the wonderful quotes and scenes from Sex and the City (do you know how many times a week I think about the time Miranda threw a cake away in the garbage and took it out to eat it again to only throw it away one more time, but this time pile more garbage on top of it so she can be assured she won't go into the trash to binge on it again?).

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! I have been counting down the weeks to the Sex and The City Movie and I finally saw it today and LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! Did I mention - I LOVED IT!!

I'm so annoyed with the random newspaper reviews that say its nothing more then a bunch of tv episodes and it can't stand alone as a movie -WHO CARES??? I loved the tv show Sex and The City and it felt like a reunion with my good friends as I sat in the 2 hour plus movie - I left the movie wanting more!

If you aren't a Sex and The City fan - will you love the movie? Probably not. But do you know what? The movie wasn't made for you - it was made for me! It was made for me and all the other people who love Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, Big, Aidan, Steve, Smith, Brady, Magda, Alexander, Harry, Standford, Anthony, and Carrie's ever-amazing shoe collection!

Yes, my good friends were back in the highest of heels, thinner then ever, wearing the coolest clothes and living their amazing lives in NYC (ok, Samantha was living in CA, but as we come to find out in the end, was she really living when she wasn't in NYC?) - but when you strip those "things" all away, you know what? This was just a really good movie with a happy ending and a few good tears shed along the way.

This was not a movie about sex as much as it was about LOVE. Searching, finding and hopefully holding onto love - love for your kids, your partner, your family, your life and maybe most importantly, yourself. As we all live really busy lives and find ourselves multi-tasking each day and tackling those bumps in the road, our connections with each other and ourselves remain the most important ingredient to living a happy and fulfilled life - I think even Carrie would agree that she has a little more kick in her Manolo Blahnik's with Mr. Big by her side.

So,while I will probably never be as lustful as Samantha, philosophize as well as Carrie, be as kind and nurturing as Charlotte or as career driven as Miranda, I do know that I do have something in common with them that is even more important. I want to love and be loved and I'm so grateful that I am surrounded by lots of love - from my daughter, my husband and my amazing friends. And while I am pretty confident that I'm not going to make homemade sushi and decorate my naked body with it as I wait for my husband to come home, I can tell you that I'm really lucky because I do have my own Mr. Big.

And by the way, BAGBORROWORSTEAL.COM is a real website!!

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Paranoid said...

I really liked it, too. I liked the matter-of-fact way they addressed that the "girls" were all in their 40s now and had different priorities. I loved how Samantha had to walk that fine line between being committed to a relationship and being committed to her own sense of self. And I will always, always love Charlotte, especially when she sheds her usual meekness in defense of a friend.

Katt said...

I can't wait to see this movie. My husband even said he would go with me!

Jocelyn said...

Everybody's talking about that movie. Hmm, with two little ones at home I'll probably just wait on it on Blockbuster. LOL.
Sorry it took a while, but you should now be on the HMP directory.
Thank you !

jennem said...

Am I the only mom out there who hates this show? I'm a New Yorker, and have been since age 22...and I just think it's so superficial and trite. Life here isn't like that, at least not for most people.

Nit said...

I loved, loved, loved this movie!!

I am already hoping, wishing & praying for a part 2!

Oh & you know I checked out that website after the movie...I want me a rental Louis! :)