Friday, June 27, 2008

Yes! We Loved the Circus!!!

I'm so sorry - I didn't mean to leave you hanging. . .I received a whole bunch of emails asking me what happened. Someone actually thought it must have been so awful that I couldn't even bring myself to blog about it.

Actually, quite the opposite. We had a wonderful wonderful time and Allie was just in awe! Of course, true to her personality, if you ask her what her favorite parts were she will tell you all the gymnastic tricks!

But I didn't blog about our circus experience yet, because what struck me first and foremost is the simplicity and fun of the circus is extremely different than when I was a child. Not saying good or bad, just different and I think it deserves mentioning. But, I'll save that for another post - as soon as I get my thoughts together on that. . .

But for now:

2 tickets for the circus - $25.00

souvenir snow cone circus cup - $9

cotton candy - $10 (yes, you read that correctly. $10 for air and sugar - but it comes with a circus clown hat that even if Allie didn't adore and covet I could not avoid getting because they ONLY sold the cotton candy with that hat OR an upgraded clown hat for $2 more !)

Diet Coke - $6

Bottle of Water for my friend because she paid for parking - $5 (yes, I thought I was being kind to buy her water because she paid for parking - who knew I was buying liquid gold? I thought I stopped purchasing that when Allie stopped having the pre-made liquid formula!)

Lunch - $15

Cost of spending the day with my daughter and seeing her face at the circus - PRICELESS!!

And I have to tell you, for a total of $70 we had a whole afternoon of fun together - that is considered a bargain today! I would have spent that before I even left the house to get tickets to see Wiggles, Barney, Dora, HSM Concert was $150 (how many of you think I was absolutely sick in the head to pay $150 for Allie who was not even 4 1/2 and myself to see that a year and a half ago?).

So, there still are some good deals to be had!!

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Kaza said...

Wow, those prices are outrageous! But glad you had a good time. Just going through the updated saucy blog list over at SITs today! Pretty blog!