Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is Safeway "Safe"?

Well, I think we have arrived. Arrived where you ask? Arrived to "that place" - the place of deep questions by the child and no real answer from the parent. And while I am truly impressed by the complexity of her questions, I am truly frightened to know how I will handle them if they get any harder and any deeper.

So the other day we go into Safeway, our local grocery store. Now as far back as Allie could speak, she knew the name Safeway and as she got older and was able to recognize logos, she knew if we were at Safeway vs. Target vs. Walmart vs. Starbucks, etc. She has said the name Safeway and heard me say Safeway countless times throughout her little life. But until recently, she has never READ the word "Safeway". So, back to our little story - we go into Safeway and just as we are sampling the grapes (oh, come on, admit it - you never buy grapes either without test tasting them. . .) she stops and says, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it." And here is how the conversation goes from there:

Mommy: "Get what?"
Allie: "I get why its called Safeway"
Mommy: "Oh?"
Allie: "Its because its safe to be in here and all the food is safe"
Mommy: "Oh?"
Allie" "Yeah. So let's shop here always 'cuz its safe".
Mommy: "Oh honey, I don't think the other stores aren't safe. Its just a name, it doesn't mean anything. Like Albertson's is probably just a name - or Target or Starbucks. Safeway is just a name someone picked - it doesn't mean anything.
Allie: "Well why did they pick it then? No, I know, You don't say something if its not true. This is a safe store."
Mommy: "No, I don't really think so."
Allie: "Safeway is not safe? Is it dangerous?"
Mommy: "No, its safe, its totally fine. We are not in any danger - its absolutely safe."
Allie: "See, I told you. That is why its called Safeway. How come I can always know this stuff and you don't?".
Mommy: "I don't know Allie. But you are right, Safeway is safe. But so are the others"
Allie: "Then how come they aren't called safe?"
Mommy: "So, Allie, did you like the green grapes or purple ones better?"

Then, there was the God conversation (I'm assuming this won't be offensive to anyone as it has no religious undertones, only simply referring to God. If this is offensive, I apologize in advance as in no way do I intend it to be so.):

Allie: "What does God look like?"
Mommy: "What do you think God looks like?"
Allie: "Why are you telling me a question. Just tell me."
Mommy: "Well, maybe God looks different to everybody - so I just wanted to know what you thought God looked like before I told you my answer."
Allie: "I know why he looks different to everybody. Because he is a blanket. And not all parts of a blanket look the same."
Mommy: "Oh?"
Allie: "Let me tell you a 'xample. My Hannah Montana blanket is really big and it looks different on the top from the bottom."
Mommy: "Yes. . ."
Allie: "And God is everywhere and so if he is from here to Disneyland and to Canada the only way God could be all those places is to be a blanket. Right?"
Mommy: "I think that sounds excellent honey - God is a blanket."
Allie: "Mom, why do I always have to think of these things?".

Are you there yet? What questions have your kids asked you that stumped you the most?

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Kelly D said...

My girls have started '20 questions' during story-time. We can no longer read a book without "Mommy, why does his nose grow?" or "Why is the Beast mean?" It sure does change the flow of a book, but they are eager to learn and I guess this is their way of preparing me for the same types of questions you are now getting.

Dylan and Madalyn's Mom said...

That is so funny! She's very smart! Come on Mommy, why don't you know these things! LOL!

seussgirl said...

Ha; adorable stories!
We're definitely not there yet, but I'm sure with two of them to put their heads together and come up with questions, I'll be hard put to come up with answers!
Here from NCLM...