Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Had The BEST Father's Day!

Yes, you heard me right. I know it's not about me. But honestly, I had the BEST Father's Day! It was exactly what Father's Day should be about - no stress, no worries, family, friends, relaxing, fun, good food and Allie catering to every one of her Daddy's needs. Not because she had to, not because someone told her to, but simply because Allie wanted to and no one can hold a candle to Allie's Daddy in her eyes.

And speaking of Daddies, I think the day should be changed to DADDY'S DAY. I think that captures the true essence of the day - not Father's Day. I mean, anyone can be a father (or simply a sperm donor), but it takes a lot more to be a DADDY!

A Daddy wakes up in the middle of the night with you, a Daddy clean ups after you threw up because it grosses Mommy out, Daddy knows how to read bedtime stories while snuggling with you just right, Daddies make you laugh, Daddies make your tears go away, Daddies sneak their little girls treats that Mommies don't know about, Daddies go to doctor appointments with you, Daddies take you to your first day of preschool because Mommy can't handle it.

Some Daddies are really loud and outgoing, some are quiet and more reserved. Some Daddies are really funny and love to be the center of attention, some Daddies like to blend in. But one thing all Daddies have in common - they love their kids, especially their little girls.

But, I digress. . .back to our Father's Day.

For the past few years, Allie and I go pottery painting so she can make something special for her Daddy! Sometimes she has picked out wonderful and practical things to paint for him (picture frames) and sometimes she has picked out little useless figurines that he really has no desire, need or use for, but yet she carefully chooses with tons of thought and lots of love and like the amazing Daddy he is, he oogles over it so she knows Daddy love it more than anything (like the year's ice-cream cone).

We went shopping this week to find Daddy the perfect cards and a small little gift. Allie fell in love with a singing Little Mermaid Card and a talking picture frame (I have to admit the talking picture frame was toooooo cute!). She worked for days on the "perfect" thing to say to Daddy in under 10 seconds before the recorder would shut her off. Her creativity boiled down to "You are the best Daddy in the whole world. I love you so much. Love Allie" - she was so nervous she was going to forget what she was "supposed to" say that she decided to write it down. And she repeated her thoughts verbatim - you can even hear the rustling of the paper on the recording! But yet, that is what makes the gift so totally priceless!

As we went to bed on Saturday night, the plan for Sunday after we woke up was that we were going to make Daddy breakfast in bed (the summer camp Allie goes to had the kids make cute little envelopes with coupons in them for their Daddy that ranges from washing the car to making breakfast in the bed [hey - did anyone ever consult the parents on these ideas? Washing the car? Allie is so excited to help Daddy with it - but I don't think my husband knows that a car can get clean in methods other than a car wash!]) and give Daddy his presents and then head out for our day. . .

As soon as we wake up, Allie has a different agenda. She wants to make Daddy a bracelet and matching necklace - she wants the necklace to say "Father's " and the bracelet to say "Day". In her world that is what makes a matching set. Who am I to argue? So - jewelry making went into high gear and for various reasons, we scrapped the necklace. But by 8:30 a.m., Allie had made a stunning bracelet for her Daddy that said "Father's Day" in lovely colors of pink, purple, bright blue, green, etc. I actually really love it - why wasn't mine that cute for Mother's Day????

So, Allie excitedly wakes her Daddy up around 9am - it was about all she could wait! After she pounced on him - they both opened up his Father's Day gifts - I couldn't tell who was having more fun - Allie or Daddy. Ok - no question - it was definitely me as nothing beat watching the two of them having so much fun together and clearly enjoying exchanging gifts and ooohs and aaaahs. So, after gift opening, my husband said why didn't Allie make his breakfast while he jumped in the shower- and just as I got finished taking all the ingredients out of the pantry and fridge, Allie had a look of horror. "Mommy - what is all that for? Aren't we just making Daddy cereal? This will take way too long." I guess I clearly passed on my distaste for cooking and baking to my daughter - for a moment I felt really guilty about that. . .but only for a moment as I was secretly thrilled I would only have to "cook" cold cereal.

But, before I could answer her she had disappeared - by the time I realized she was gone, she was back again and said "Daddy changed his mind - he wants to go to Einstein's for breakfast". I'm not really sure who changed their mind - but considering he was going into the shower, the breakfast-in-bed concept was lost anyways. . .

After breakfast, we headed out to the highlight of Father's Day - we spend the day at a local resort pool where we rent a Cabana and just spend the day lounging, soaking up the sun and playing in the pool. We traditionally share the holiday with close family friends of ours who have 2 kids - so Allie is in heaven and she had buddies to play with all day.

So for over 7 hours, we spent the day just having an absolutely amazing day together - no fights, no arguments, no melt-downs - just lots of love, laughter and water gun fights! By the time we all left the resort - we all said how it was the best Father's Day ever and we didn't want the evening to end - so we all went out to dinner together (I mean, we had to eat, didn't we?). At some point during dinner, out-of-the blue, Allie leaned across the table and kissed her Daddy on the cheek. For no reason. No reason at all. She just said "because I love you." And that sealed it - it was the BEST Father's Day ever, even for my husband.

And that is when I realized it. There is no relationship like a father and daughter. . .

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Anonymous said...

So sweet!!!

(and definitely better than my Father's Day - LOL!)

Michelle said...

here from NCLM...what a great Daddy's Day post--I totally agree on all points! I love watching my daughter and hubby together--it's something else!!

Anonymous said...

That's great. Our day was a bit hectic. And I should have just stuck to the original plan of going to out to lunch with the in-laws, but then I had to go and suggest the zoo, where it was hot

The "some daddies" part of this post reminds me of the Daddy book by Todd Parr:)