Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol - Battle of the Davids

As much as I have wanted to offer a comment here and there about AI this season (Michael John's early "offing" was totally wrong! And if you saw him sing in Wednesday's how, you might feel, as I do, that he definitely deserved to be a finalist!) - I haven't. Mostly because this is my "Mommy" blog and just as many people who read my blog probably have no clue who Randy Jackson is as those that do.

But I couldn't resist commenting on tonight's finale - for the first time ever I truly didn't care who won because I loved both of them. Every week I changed my mind on who my favorite was and who should win and who will win (sometimes I changed from day to day!). My one consistent belief was that David A. had a much better voice but David C. was hot and sexy and an amazing performer.

Both Davids appeared to be genuinely good guys - you can't deny how adorable it was every time this week that David C. reached out to put his arm around David A. - like a really proud big brother. They seemed to really like each other - and I found that infectious.

After Tuesday night, I felt David C. deserved to win but I wanted David A to win - I just thought his voice was incredibly stellar and mostly, I hated to hear what would his Dad would do if he didn't win! :-) On Wednesday morning, I changed my mind and decided that David C. was more of an "American Idol" and that David A. needs a few years to work on his charisma. By dinner time, I wanted David A. again to take the crown because I just love love his voice and I find him adorable. After the show began I felt awful that Michael Johns went home as early as he did, because he was simply amazing tonight (how did Jason Castro last longer then him?) - but I was really engaged with everything David C. did or said or sang in Wednesday's show.

And as Ryan began to announce the winner, I realized that I would be equally happy for whomever won and equally sad for whomever lost as i really loved both of them and I truly didn't care who won as I was happy with both of them and felt they both deserved to win!

Now - if I was only as in love with the presidential candidates. ..

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Anonymous said...


David Cook rocks! You're right David A. need may have a great voice, but he needs a little time to work on the entire package.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I loved watching American Idol this year. :) We live just a town away from David A. so we were cheering for him, BUT, we were also so happy for David Cook and think he will make a great American Idol this year.