Sunday, May 25, 2008

Have Your Ever Been Puked on By Someone Else's Child?

I can tell you that I have not had the experience of being puked on by anyone else's child, let alone my own daughter.

But one of our very close family friends has now officially bonded with my daughter in a way that I have not - my daughter puked all over both of them tonight. And while my first reaction was making sure my daughter was okay, I immediately felt both relief that it was not me who was puked on as well as mortified that my daughter threw up all over someone who was not her mother.

After the shock (by all ) and hysterics (by my daughter) began to subside, my girlfriend said to my daughter that she is now just like family - as all Moms know having those spit-up stains on their clothes from their babies is the true badge of motherhood (at least that is how we justify to ourselves the reason we have spit up on our clothes!). And I can tell you that if spit-up is a badge, then what my daughter did is an absolutely head-to-toe costume of motherhood.

And needless to say, nothing clears a crowd and ends a good time faster then throwing up in the public play area you are playing in and on the people you are playing with. . .

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Juliana said...


I found your blog address via Mommy Fest. I hope you don't mind i come to ur blog.

I am running, You and Your children tag. I hope you would like join with me. Thanks

Juliana RW
from Juliana's Site & Picturing of Life

tomboyknits said...

Just returning the visit from NCLM. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Regarding being puked on... I think the only time I've ever been puked on was when my grandmother took my dog and I for a spin in her brand spanking new minivan. My dog, who has never been carsick before or since, took that opportunity to empty the contents of her stomach. For some reason I thought it best to put my hands out to catch her vomit, she did her best to aim into them, and we managed to keep the damage to a minimum... :)

Jill said...

I babysit. I constantly and puked on by other people children. I hate it. But puke happens.

Happy Friday!!