Sunday, May 4, 2008


I'm having a contest and I would love if you played!!

The rules are simple:

1. Visit my website - and click on FORUMS on the top menu bar

2. Start a thread going and invite as many friends or other forum buddies of yours to come over and get a good discussion going

3. The 5 people who are able to inspire the best threads and keep them going will win their choice of one of 5 ebooks that I have. Normally I sell these from time to time on my website for anywhere between $10 - $20 - but I'm willing to give 5 of these away just to bribe and motivate you to wake up and put some life into the forums on my website!!

4. In order to enter, you must leave a comment on this post and let me know your name, email address, user name that you used on my forum and what thread or threads you started.

5. Please feel free to start as many threads as you would like - and even if you don't invite friends over to play, but your thread gets the attention of other visitors and sparks some conversation, you can absolutely win!!

6. This contest BEGINS NOW and WILL END AT 8AM Arizona Time on Monday, May 12th - the day after Mother's Day!!

Good luck - I can't wait to see what mommies are going to chat about this week!!

The ebooks that you have a choice of are:
1. How to Set Up a Family Budget
2. 224 Meals in a Hurry!
3. Fun Recipes for Kids
4. The Ultimate Potty Training Guide
5. Party Games (for kids, for teens and for adults)

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I love your website and I really enjoy reading your blog! I discovered the link on the mom blogs website/directory. I'm assuming you want to get your bulletin boards moving so you can get more traffic to your site???

Can I be your moderator? I'm sending you an email - I would love to talk to you more! I love mommy websites!



Anonymous said...

What a great idea - I can always use some new kid friendly recipes!

I am going to start a thread under Recipes and my user name is KellyR.

Unknown said...

KellyD for kkdamron@tinytoesbook. It's a great idea. Hope it brings lots of good discussion and traffic to your site!

Fay said...

Hello Meryl - Congratulations on a wonderful blog. I want to thank you for submitting your blog to Blogging Women. Your doing a fantastic job and I consider it an honor to have your blog listed on Blogging Women with the many fine blogs done by us women. Continued success!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I have 3 kids and I am going to start a discussion under the Parties/Playdates section of your site. Thanks for this fun contest!

My user name on your forum is mom23.