Sunday, May 11, 2008

It is only 10:15am & I already turned to mush!

So far my Mother's Day has been WONDERFUL - how about yours? Its only 10:15am and we haven't done much - but that has been the beauty of the day so far. It's 10:15am and I am still in my PJs - my husband has been up with our daughter since early this morning. I got to lounge in bed and be decadent - read People Magazine and watch a Lifetime Movie - so far my day is perfect!

Allie gave me an adorable craft she made in school - a flower w/ her hand print on it as the petals and a heart in the middle of the flower. There was a beautiful poem on it - I have to share:

A piece of me, I give to you

I painted this flower to say "I Love You."

The heart is you, the hand is me

To show we are friends, the best there can be.

I hope you will save it, and look back someday

At the flower we shared, on your special day.

--Kathleen Lademan

I hope you are getting some wonderful goodies from your kids too! Leave me your comments - I would love to hear about them!

Ok - off to have some family time- we are planning on spending the day with family and friends out by the pool swimming, relaxing and eating!

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