Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another Mommyfest Contest - What I have Learned Since Becoming a Mom

1. That everyday I learn something new from my daughter !

2. That not only did I always need an extra change of clothes for her wherever we went - but it wasn't a bad idea to always carry an extra shirt for me too!

3. I can always finish the laundry tomorrow - she won't always want to play with her Mommy tomorrow.

4. Nothing hurts more then my daughter's tears.

5. Nothing feels better then seeing my daughter happy.

6. Nothing turns my heart to mush more then a hug, kiss and "I love you" from my daughter.

7. My only reason for cleaning up her toys is so that they are an in organized manner to get messed up again.

8. There are more than one way to use anything (have you ever seen the amount of hours a child can play with an empty suitcase?).

9. Sleep is overrated when you have a child.

10. Patience is not only a virtue, but a necessity to sanity.

11. Moms have meltdowns too.

12. Sometimes time-outs are more for the Moms then the kids!

13. Hannah Montana has a great voice!

14. I loved the Wiggles!

15. Figuring out how to do things with other parts of your body (feet, legs, mouth, etc) because when they are little your arms and hands are always busy holding your kids.

16. I have no idea what the hottest trend for adults are, nor do I know where all the presidential candidates stand on every issue, but I do know all my daughter's friends and their parents and what goes on in her class and what all her friends like and don't like who was line-leader and who missed school that day and who raised their hand in circle time and who cried that day.

17. The only thing predictable about being a Mom is that everyday is unpredictable.

18. The power a kiss has between a Mom and her child. Works even better then a pint of Ben & Jerry's on bad day!

19. There is nothing more delightful then tapping into your child's imagination - there is no toy my daughter has the provides her more enjoyment then her pretend play.

20. I haven't outgrown all those things that I thought I did - coloring, painting, doing puzzles, playing games, giggling, shopping at Toys R Us. playing in the park, sleepovers, Disneyland, not swimming but playing in the pool, playdoh, finger painting - as a matter of fact, these things are even more fun to do as a Mommy!!

21. I'm so glad my job as a Mommy will never end - there is no better role in the world I would rather have.

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