Thursday, May 8, 2008

What I Really Want for Mother's Day

There has truly never been, nor can I imagine a time that I would return a gift that I received from my daughter for Mother's Day. I mean, as moms wouldn't we be silly to do that? Returning the not-so-wonderful gift for something else that we REALLY REALLY want just wouldn't be worth hurting our child's' feelings.

But maybe you are more like me anyways. Other then a handmade gift from your child, how important is it that you get a gift that you can hold (ok, I did get a pink sparkly heart necklace from my daughter last year that while it is a "thing", she picked it out all by herself and was so excited to give it to me and I just love that and for that reason I'll always love that pink sparkly heart!)?

What do I want most - just to feel loved and appreciated! Perhaps, in my world, a peaceful morning without arguments and negotiations to get out the door would be just heavenly (but I already know I'll get that on Mother's Day because it is a Sunday and it is a slowpoke day - which means we won't have to rush out of here) - but given that the last 6 school mornings have been rather trying with Allie - I would give up all the flowers and spa days in the world - just to have the remaining 10 school mornings that are left in this year to go by peacefully without argument or negotiation or tears (mine and/or Allie's!). OMIGOSH - only 10 days left of Kindergarten - wow - how did that happen?? But I digress, that is for another posting at another time. . .

Ok - back to Mother's Day. I can't deny that there are some things that I know I would LOVE - how about you?

I know that I don't want to cook on Mother's Day - or clean dishes. So whether we go out for every meal, my husband and daughter cook AND clean (breakfast in bed would be too cute!!) or we do take out, I am happy so long as I'm not needed in the kitchen (and that doesn't mean a pile of dishes left for the next day either!). Nothing fancy, costly or complicated - the fact that someone took the time to think about it and plan what we are eating would be greatly appreciated!

I, as I assume any mom would agree, would love a weekend, day or even an hour at a spa so I can get pampered and feel decadent! Whether your budget allows you an hour massage for $49 at one of your local discount massage places or a whole day at a fancy resort spa, its just nice to be someplace where we don’t have to worry about what needs to be done next and who is squabbling over what. No, I can't lie to you - any time at the spa would be heaven for me. It can even be a "spa day at home" - who says it can't be your child/husband that gives you a massage and paints your nails for you? Let's be creative here!!

All moms love a Girls Night Out every now and then. Perhaps our husbands can give us a "coupon" for a future evening and would agree to stay at home with the kids and allow Mom to have a girl’s night out with friends. Dinner and movie with time to have some fun mommy chit-chat time may do wonders to improve a stressed mom’s outlook. How neat would it be if our husband even arranged it with the husbands of our close friends so they all have a night picked out? Ok - perhaps that is a little too high to hope for. Probably something more we would do for our husbands if we thought they would like a "guy's night out". And in fairness to them, if they did attempt to try and arrange it they would probably pick the "wrong" night and we would tell them it would have been better if we arranged it because they don't know our schedule or the kids' schedule. And then they would feel like they can't win. But that is okay - a coupon for a Mom's Night Out would be great and very appreciated!

And perhaps the best of all, how about some time to just enjoy and have fun with the family? As moms we are often pulled in many directions throughout the year. How nice would it be just to have uninterrupted quality time with your family - play games, go on a picnic, do a family craft, plant a garden or having a family movie night with a big bowl of popcorn and some really yummy candy? My husband doesn't get home until 7 or 8 most evenings and often works on Saturdays, so to spend family time together is really high on my list!

And there is nothing that melts my heart more then anything handmade from my daughter for Mother's Day - and when I know my husband organized it, it turns me into complete mush (for some reason I get more teary when I know my husband had a hand in it then when she just brings something home from school - although trust me, I love those too!) My daughter started writing last year and to me, a handwritten “love note” from her ranks the highest of all things I really want for Mother’s Day.

Ultimately, what I want more than anything else in the world – more than a store-bought card, a box of candy, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers – is to know that I am loved. And nothing material does that - its simply just feeling special and appreciated and knowing that our husbands and kids think that there is no better Mom in the world than us.

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Amy said...

Preach it sister! I think most moms would agree!