Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Fun Blog Contest!

lipstick to crayons blog bash

Happy Birthday to Lipstick to Crayons - what a cool website!! And what do birthday parties mean in the world of blogging - lots of neat giveaways and contests and prizes to be won!! And a great way to check out lots of wonderful Mom blogs!

My Best Birthday Memory? I have 2 of them - for my 33rd birthday in November 2001 I found out I was pregnant after trying for a few years - I thought nothing could be better than that present!! Until, July 28, 2003 - my daughter's 1st Birthday Party!! It was then I realized that I no longer counted down the days till my birthday - it was all about Allie from then on!! Not to mention - kids birthday parties are much more fun that those of adults - better presents, better activities (ever been to an adult birthday party at an inflatable bouncy place or ice-skating or pottery painting [okay, for my friends who read my blog, yes I do love going pottery painting and thank you for indulging me for my birthday last year!!] or a glamour girls dress-up party?)!!

AND, speaking of giveaways, MOMMY MERYL is hosting a giveaway too for those who are celebrating Lipstick to Crayon's Birthday!

I am giving away 10 free ebooks of choice from the following:
1. How to Set Up a Family Budget
2. 224 Meals in a Hurry!
3. Fun Recipes for Kids
4. The Ultimate Potty Training Guide
5. Party Games (for kids, for teens and for adults)

1. $15 gift certificate to Sassy Pink Boutique
2. $15 gift certificate to The Trendy Mommy Blog Designs
3. My Reward Board Game
4. Tiny Toes book by Kelly Damron - a moving story about infertility & premature birth

To enter the giveaway, we only ask that Moms become a member of the Chatty Mommy Club - its FREE (they must confirm/opt in and not simply sign up). You can sign up at my Chit Chat for Mommies Website. The winners will be randomly chosen via and notified by email on June 5th!

Contest DEADLINE is Tuesday, June 3rd at 11:59pm!

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh! I did sign up not too long ago. Does that qualify me??

Amy said...

Yea me too??

Stacey Moore said...

so nice to meet you! our party post is up so check it out if you get a chance :)

Doreen said...

Happy Birthday to Lipstick to Crayons!! Great post!

Doreen said...

Would love to win the Sassy Pink gc!! They have some really neat items there! I signed up for your Newsletter.

Doreen said...

I signed up for the Newsletter but when I try to confirm it in the e-mail, it wants a password....