Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thank you friend!

Wow! As I went to the mailbox today, I couldn't have been more excited to see something in the mail FOR ME!! No, it wasn't an ad, it wasn't a solicitation, it wasn't a bill, it wasn't something from my daughter's school and it wasn't junk mail. It was one of those really old fashioned envelopes from a friend that had my name hand-written on it. Now, what is so remarkable about this? Its not my birthday, its not a religious holiday, its not my anniversary and I know anyone who I would get a Mother's Day card from is planning on giving it to me tomorrow. And it certainly didn't look like an invitation to anything. I haven't been this excited to open up something in the mail in a long time - I truly had NO IDEA what the card was for.

Inside I found the most wonderful and touching thing I have received in a long long time - an unexpected, very wonderful card from a very special friend. My close girlfriend sent me a card for Mother's Day - and while the thought of the card was unexpected and amazing enough, what it said inside was just what I needed. The card told me I was great at being a mom and great at being a friend too.

When our lives are running in different directions and we are being pulled every-which-way and we don't get to see or talk to our friends as much as we want to - getting a card like this is worth more then any lottery winning could ever be. For when we are old and grey, I'm confident that those of us with an abundance of friendships will be far better off and happier then those with just an abundance of money - although I can't deny, both would be nice! :-)

Thank you my friend for not only bringing a big smile to my face with an unexpected surprise in my mailbox. But thank you even more for your words - please know how much I appreciate and love you and I hope your Mother's Day is everything you hope it to be - and more!

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