Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why I Want to be a Hot Mama

This weekend found us very busy with lots of plans and lots of fun!! We had sleep-overs, 2 pool parties, a scavenger hunt, an opportunity to go horseback riding and just some really great mommy/daughter time. But as we went from one activity to the next, I got hit with more and more reasons with why having extra layers of maternal tissue (I always found that was such an interesting way that my ob/gyn refers to my fat) is truly getting more and more pitiful to me and I think really preventing Allie having have the best mom in the world. . .

Instead of telling you all the things I couldn't do this weekend, let me tell you all the things I could have done this weekend if I was a "hot mama". . .

  1. Sat at the Little Tykes picnic table with my daughter and her friend when they invited me to join them at their breakfast picnic outside on Saturday morning after their sleepover.
  2. Not have to wear a bathing suit with a skirt on the bottom (I don't even know at this point if its to cover my large thighs or the times when my bikini line is more stubbly then not. And no, I don't wax - I tried it once and I only made it through half-way on one side before I said it was more painful then childbirth).
  3. Looked cute in a bathing suit (or if not cute, at least not awful!).
  4. Jumped off a diving board without making it creak as I bounced a few times before jumping.
  5. Looked relatively presentable after getting out of the pool - my thought is that if I was thin, it wouldn't matter how bad my pool hair looked because as least my body was cute.
  6. I could have gone horseback riding with my daughter instead of bowing out because I was concerned I would break the horse's back.
  7. Done the limbo at a party without getting out after the 1st round because my belly hit the bar - and I can't bend far enough backwards to avoid that!
  8. Hula-hooped for more then a second because the hula hoops needs to hula on hips, not blubber.
  9. Jump Rope for more then 2 turns.

Thankfully at our mother/daughter group tonight where we had a pool party, scavenger hunt and various games, my daughter just loved the fact that I participated in everything and I was able to provide much entertainment for her as she laughed and laughed at how I looked jumping rope, hula-hooping and doing the limbo.

But I am aiming for the time that my daughter looks at me with excitement and pride before one of those physical contests because she is hopeful I will win, instead of her looking at me with pity saying, "Oh Mommy, you're going to lose" before I even begin my first hula. . .

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Simply Shannon said...

I dont think I will ever be brave enough to wear a bikini! Even if I was skinny LOL

Sassy Pink Boutique said...

I totally feel ya--hang in there. We do what we can as moms and feel guilty for what we can't- it's our lot in life!