Saturday, May 17, 2008

And the winners are:

Wow! What a week - Mommyfest 2008 is over and it was lots of fun!! Not only did I welcome lots of new Mommies to the Chatty Mommy Club on my website, but I got to meet soooo many amazing Moms and check out so many fabulous blogs!! That was truly the best part of Mommyfest - its simply amazing to think I would have never known about these blogs.

So - now on to the question you came to this post for - who won and what did they win??

I went to and put in all the names of my new members and the site's software program spits them out in a random order (just like the old fashioned method of picking names out of hat).

The person in the top spot wins a grand prize of her choice of one of the following:

1. $15 gift certificate to Sassy Pink Boutique
2. $15 gift certificate to The Trendy Mommy Blog Designs
3. My Reward Board Game
4. Tiny Toes book by Kelly Damron - a moving story about infertility & premature birth

The next 10 names on my list get to chose one of the following ebooks:

1. How to Set Up a Family Budget
2. 224 Meals in a Hurry!
3. Fun Recipes for Kids
4. The Ultimate Potty Training Guide
5. Party Games (for kids, for teens and for adults)

How do you collect your prize? Please leave a comment here with your name, email and your choice of what you won. If I don't hear from you by midnight on Monday, May 19th I will award your prize to the next person on the list (I only listed the top spot and the next 10 because I didn't want someone to feel sad if they saw their name after #10 - yes, I'm a people pleaser!).

And again, thank you tons for everyone who stopped by my blog and introduced themselves and thank you tons and tons for those of you who also became members of the Chatty Mommy Club!!

List Randomizer
There were 42 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
Magic Mommy
Shauna Smith
Timestamp: 2008-05-17 15:02:25 UTC

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Shauna said...

Whooo hooo!!! I made the list!!!! I'm so excited, I never win anything!!!

Shauna Smith

Shauna said...

I got so excited I forgot to leave my email!!! :)

If I read the instructions correctly I get to pick an ebook, right?

I would LOVE either the potty training ebook or the ebook on meals for kids!!!

Thanks again for the giveaways!


Dylan and Madalyn's Mom said...

Yay, I made the list too! I would like either the Potty Training e-book or the kid receipe one. Thanks!

Shara Knapp

Simply Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! Awesome! Congrats to all the winners.

Shannon Hazlett

I would love to have either 224 Meals in a Hurry or Fun Recipes for Kids.

Thank you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love the 224 Meals in a Hurry.

Unycorne said...

Ok... Checking here because I'm a blond and just wasn't sure...

My post name was Unycorne, but my site name has Heather in it... It was the only Heather I saw in the comments, but I could be wrong.... lol. (See how unsure I am? I can't even end a sentence in this post! ROFL)

If I am, then - Whooo-hoo!

If not, then -- *sniff* and congrats to the winners!!


Have a great day all!
~ Heather